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We came to Jenna and Dewdrop Hypnotherapy because my 5 year old daughter was unable to leave the house because of her fear of insects and cars. After two sessions, she was playing in the yard and going on nature walks. I can’t understand what a life- changing experience this has been for my daughter, and our whole family. Jenna’s kindness, patience, and creativity in her approach, as well as the results all exceeded my expectations. We honestly can’t thank her enough. If you are hesitating, don’t- this experience will change your life for the better.



I felt completely stuck- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A series of challenges hit me, one after another and I couldn’t get re-centered and gain my equilibrium. I saw multiple therapists and tried to ‘talk’ myself through the challenges I faced, but found that I was just reliving the trauma, over and over again. Jenna helped me ‘drop off’ and let go of the resentment, anger, pain and fear. She helped me regain my confidence and get ‘unstuck’! My physical and emotional pain is reduced and I’m moving freely in a way I haven’t for many years. I feel light and refreshed and am able to finally move forward in a productive and content way. THANK YOU JENNA



Jenna is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I quit smoking after one session and she provided me with tools to get me through the cravings and withdrawals. The follow up sessions cemented the new subconscious thoughts that have kept me smoke free for 3 months now. I highly recommend her for any behavior pattern you might want to change that works well with this modality.


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“Not only am I free, I am also in charge. It’s never too late to make changes in your life”



“Through hypnotherapy and encouragement I have been able to completely stop using cigarettes after 50 plus years. Jenna is both professional and personable in her approach. I am grateful for the new freedom.”


“Jenna has helped me with a number of issues in our hypnotherapy sessions. I had several issues that would trigger me, from years of abuse from my former spouse and mother, to struggling to get my new business off the ground. She has assisted me to clear these issues and I’m now moving forward freely in life. My emotional and financial success has been aided greatly by my sessions with Jenna. If you are interested in transforming your life in a positive way, contact this gem on Whidbey Island!”


Jenna has been a miracle in my life. I have seen counselors for over 20 years and never had any real results.
My first session left me feeling relaxed, aware, more confident, and my anxiety that I have suffered from is gone!

Hypnosis has completely changed my life in so many areas. Jenna is a beautiful, caring, and peaceful human being.
If you feel that some areas in your life are really challenging, I recommend hypnotherapy.

A friend recommended I try hypnotherapy to help me with scuba diving anxiety. 
I had a long dive trip planned and wanted to be more comfortable and safe diving. 
I searched and found Jenna Alexander. She is very professional, respectful, and a good listener.

She incorporated what I told her into the sessions. As a result, my trip was much more relaxing than before.
I was able to dismiss my fears as they surfaced. She taught me self hypnosis which will help me to continue using my new skills.
I recommend hypnotherapy as a safe and comfortable experience. Try it today!

I found Jenna after suffering for four long years with acute anxiety brought on by freeway driving.                     

Jenna’s combination approach included:

            a) educating me in the mechanics of anxiety

            b) suggestions introduced during hypnosis, and

            c) empathetic discussions with me regarding how                 this anxiety impacted my everyday life.

As a result of Jenna’s thoughtful guidance I have been able to return to a normal driving life, not limited by anxiety and fear.

Thank you Jenna.  

 - KB

After a bad experience on an airplane 10 years ago I have been afraid to fly ever since. As one can imagine, this has compromised my life and affected my family throughout the years. Finding myself in a position that required me to need to book a trip, I was determined to find some resolve. In the past I’ve tried visits to the doctor and medications that hadn’t helped, so on the recommendation of a friend I tried hypnotherapy.

Initial skepticism at first led to deeper understanding and then outright amazement- I found myself leaving for the airport and actually RELAXING on the flight! This has changed so much for me- I am so grateful and recommend Dewdrop Hypnotherapy to anyone who is suffering from a fear that they need to let go of.


I couldn’t be more enthusiastic in my recommendation of Jenna Alexander, hypnotherapist, Dewdrop Hypnotherapy. Jenna creates a safe, comforting environment as a backdrop for her caring, gentle, and extremely effective therapy. She customizes every session on your needs with insight and professionalism. With her help and guidance, I was able to stop habits ongoing for many decades. I had been in counseling a couple times for these problems, but that did not help. After only a few sessions, the habits were easily stopped.  Miraculous. This was my first experience with hypnotherapy. I highly recommend Jenna and Dewdrop Hypnotherapy.


Okay, this is cool. I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy other than the stigma, but something told me I should give it a whirl and I am so glad I did! 

I came to Jenna at a time when I felt “stuck” in my life due to negative thinking, guilt, and bad habits, knowing I needed to make a change. 


I immediately felt comfortable and cared for. We strategized together for my specific needs, and I found the hypnosis part to be deeply relaxing and empowering.

I have since returned from time to time for other things and overall feel changed and enlightened.

If you have never tried hypnosis I suggest you put any misconceptions aside and allow Jenna to explain and implement this wonderful, natural therapy.


Let me just say this- I smoked over 2 packs of cigarettes for the better part of my life- I “quit “ many times many different ways- but it never stuck because I believe I was trying to address it from the outside.

I finally tried hypnosis and wished I had started here in the first place. Within 2 weeks I was completely done with cigarettes, and I knew this was different because I felt  different on the inside. I did not need to “white-knuckle” it- I simply don’t WANT to smoke anymore like I used to, I WANT  to take care of myself instead, and I am looking forward to a happier and healthier future.

Go for it!


Well I thought I was coming in to help myself become more organized, and ended up  not only achieving this, but feeling a healing de-cluttering on a deeper level. This was truly an insightful and delightful experience. You must try it for yourself.


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